2017 Fall Return Week: Photo Gallery Live!

Need proof that Mountain View College had the best Return Week ever? Look no further than our very own photo gallery, which represents just some of what makes MVC a “Promising Place to Work” (as recognized by NISOD three years in a row!).


Return Week kicked off with a variety of sessions focused on the overall theme of “Shaping Our Future: Common Goals.” The entire week emphasized large-scale campus, district, and state efforts we are a part of.


With over twenty professional development sessions led by MVC family members, there was something for everyone to participate in.


The best part of any Return Week is always the chance to reconnect with employees we don’t get to see every day. It’s an opportunity for the entire MVC family to learn, laugh, and love what we do.


The all-employee Convocation kicked off on Thursday and reinforced the key message of common goals across the institution, district, and state initiatives.


We also recognized employees and their dedication to the institution by honoring years of service and other meaningful awards.


Our afternoon session was led by MVC’s Vice Presidents and encompassed Guided Pathways, 60×30, and Achieving the Dream initiatives.


Thursday afternoon ended by reminding us why we are all here and celebrating our students during the MVC Student Convocation.


As if all of the above wasn’t enough, there was even a kickoff event for the annual employee giving campaign. Our Vice Presidents supported the kickoff by scooping ice cream for faculty, staff, and students.


None of Return Week would have possible of course without all the volunteers who worked behind-the-scenes.

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2017 Employee Dev Day: Photo Gallery Live!

Need proof that MVC had the best Employee Development Days ever? Look no further than our very own photo gallery, which represents just some of what makes MVC a “Best Place to Work” (as recognized by NISOD two years in a row!).


Mountain View College Employee Development Days kicked off with an engaging campus forum on DCCCD Guided Pathways to Success, led by Dr. Lori Doddy and Reginald Gray.


Friday, February 24 was the official kickoff to “MVC Family Games” and the entire day was focused on teamwork and collaboration. For social media engagement throughout the day, look no further than: #MVCFamilyGames


There were many opportunities for employees to engage in friendly competition (and give the crowd a few laughs in the process).


A guest panel also featured representation by the district, administration, faculty, professional support staff, coaches, and students. It was an opportunity to hear from diverse voices across campus on the subject of teamwork.


After the opening session, employees were given the opportunity to hop on a party bus (MVC van) a head out to the Sports Complex to experience athletics first-hand.


Our own MVC students helped in all Sports Complex sessions and created a unique moments for all MVC employees.


Many thanks to the MVC athletics team, coaches, and unsung heroes who inspire our students every single day, both on and off the field.


With the theme of MVC Family Games, employees were treated to a variety of sessions focused on communication, trust, and collaboration all across campus.


It was a great opportunity for all employees to experience meaningful, memorable, and motivational moments throughout the day.


Such opportunities included presentations, game-based sessions, campus tours, and much more in over 20 sessions all around campus.


For those exceptional employees who demonstrated positive attributes of teamwork in sessions or joined in on a variety of social media contests, awards were given out to recognize their contribution to the MVC Family.

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Return Week Photo Gallery


Need proof that MVC had the best Return Week ever! Look no further then our very own photo gallery, which represents the very best of what makes MVC proud!


In total, MVC held twenty-eight sessions throughout the week. When you see a presenter in the hallway, make sure to give them a high-five!


We also welcomed our new Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Lori Doddy, while thanking our former VPI, Dr. Ken Alfers.


In case you didn’t know it, Deans can dance. Our very own Sandy Wyche, with more than a little help from Gilda Nunez led a workshop on “Cumbia & Other Dancing from SouthTexas.”


Convocation itself got off to a great start as everyone in the audience was encouraged (nope…that’s not a typo) to utilize their cell phones while taking an live quiz. This was a great utilization of instructional technology!


Right after Convocation everyone was invited to lunch and a strategic planning workshop that helped begin this collaborative process at MVC. Stay tuned for even more strategic planning opportunities in the months to follow.


Return Week Photo Gallery