Outdoor Nation, Campfire Cookout 2017

This series is part of an effort to showcase the many great employees who contribute to teaching and learning efforts at MVC.

Posted on behalf of Lori De La Cruz.


What teaching and learning opportunity recently occurred at Mountain View College (MVC)?

For the second year, MVC is participating in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge, where the goal is to get people doing outdoor activities in a four-week competition. Participants in last year’s competition were asking about it as soon as the fall semester started. After just two weeks, we have more people participating that last year’s total, so it’s catching on!


What about this topic are you most excited about?

I’m enjoying seeing photos of MVC folks enjoying time outdoors! There are so many photos of families and groups of friends hiking, biking, enjoying the State Fair – the Campus Challenge is not only getting people outside, it’s bringing them together!


Why is this topic so important to everyone at MVC?

I believe that the more time we spend outdoors, the more appreciation we have for our environment. If you abstain from putting in your earbuds, you’ll hear nature all around you – birds singing, the wind rustling leaves, small animals scurrying for cover when you’re hiking by. Now you’re more apt to notice and care about the litter that is everywhere; plastic bottles, fast food wrappers, snack bags, plastic shopping bags are abundant on our roadways, fields and stream. Hopefully this will affect your behavior in the future and motivate you to organize or participate in a litter cleanup!


What did participants learn or take away from this experience?

Hopefully, participants will enjoy their time outdoors and will continue to explore and enjoy each other’s company throughout the year.


What is some of the feedback you received regarding this event?

Most of the comments at the Campus Cookout event were amazed at how the solar ovens and solar grill worked. Cooking solar cake and grilling mini pigs-in-a-blanket were great tools to illustrate the benefits of being outdoors.


If people would like to learn more about this topic, where would you point them towards?

The Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge is officially over (for this year), but there are still plenty of reasons to continue enjoying the great outdoors. Winners are being announced now and full details are available at www.OnCampusChallenge.org.



2017 Fall Return Week: Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone that contributed to #MVCReturnWeek and participated in our selfie station during Convocation. It was inspiring to see engaged MVC employees all week long!

Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following selfie contest winners!


Best Individual Selfie


Best Group Selfie


Best Selfie with the President (Himself!)


Best Selfie with a Vice President


2017 Spring Return Week Selfies

Thanks to everyone that contributed to #MVCReturnWeek and participated in our selfie station during Convocation. It was beautiful to see engaged employees all week long!

Selfie Contest Winners!

Selfie winners can drop by W162 for their very own 100 Grand chocolate (mini) bar. Sorry…no real cash prizes. 😉

Below are just some of the many selfies taken throughout the event! Can you spot your own group photo?

Holiday Sweater Contest!

It’s that time of year that everyone’s been waiting for. The holiday season is finally here! This is course means lots of candy canes, holiday music, and jolly MVC employees.


Holiday Sweater Employee Contest

Join us for lunch Wednesday, December 14th, from 11:30am-1pm on the North Bridge. Most importantly, be sure to wear your favorite holiday sweater and participate in our December employee contest. Fantabulous prizes will be awarded and you will be the envy of all of your coworkers.


Let the festivities begin! Happy holidays from the entire Professional Development team.

Halloween Employee Contest Winners


Thank You MVC Family!

A huge thanks goes out to all employees who helped make Halloween a memorable event for over 350 children from Bethune Elementary. It is truly a beautiful thing to see employees so actively engaged in empowering people and transforming communities. This entire event would not have been possible without the Student Government Association, Kevin Williams Writing Lounge, and Brother to Brother.


Halloween Employee Contest Winners

Our panel of expert kindergartners (with help from Professional Development staff) determined our contest winners across campus. This of course had nothing to do with the candy (aka bribes) that was passed out at each department. Without any further wait, we are pleased to announce the following Halloween winners! Winner can pick up their prizes (100 Grand candy bars) in W162.



  • Best Costume as a Group – Business Office
  • Best Department Theme – Academic Advising
  • Best Decorated Door – Recruitment Services
  • Best Haunted House – Office of Student Life (Kevin Williams Writing Lounge)
  • Scariest Headless Character – Criminal Justice
  • Loudest Hallway Group – President’s Office
  • Best Hidden Treasure – Chemistry


Photo Gallery Now Live!

Be sure to view the entire photo gallery by clicking on the link below.


Return Week: Social Media Winners

Thanks to everyone that contributed to #WEAREMVCPROUD and dressed in official college colors. It was exciting to see engaged employees all week long!

Social Media Winners

The winners pictured represent Best Group Selfie, Best Individual Selfie, Most College Spirit, and Best Selfie with the President. Please drop by the Professional Development Office to pick up your “100 Grand” prize (100 Grand chocolate bar)!