Concur Solutions Mileage Training


Wow, I got the training of my life from Assistant Accountant of Business Operations, Brenda Avila on April 28! She gave me a personal training with our new Concur Travel System on Mileage. I drive all over the Dallas Land area for meetings and trainings, I might as well learn how to use our new Concur Travel System correctly and get paid!

There are 7 easy steps involved to this training:

Step 1: Log into Concur Travel Systems:

Step 2: Create a new expense


Step 3: Fill in the blanks

  • Report Name (Year, Month, Mileage)
  • Report Trip Start Date
  • Report Trip End Date
  • Trip Type: Day
  • Type in Fund, Location, Division (in my case I just clicked it because I have submitted one in the previous months)
  • Click Next Once Complete


Step 4: From All Expense Types, Click on Personal Car Mileage and Add Address To and From Location

  • Click Calculate Mileage



Step 5: The System Calculates the Amount You Just Need to Check Your Work

  • In the Comment Section, Include Name of Meeting/Training/Conference and Location


Step 6: You Can Hit Save Until You are Ready to Submit

Step 7: You May Log into Concur Solutions and Click Submit at the Beginning of Each Month (can click submit on May 1 for your April Mileage Report)

  • Approval Goes to Your Boss as Well as the Chain of Commands for Your Mileage Reimbursement. Time to Get Paid!


For more information on Concur Solutions trainings and much more, please contact our expert Assistant Accountant of Business Operations, Brenda Avila at or (214) 860-8786.