Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coaching Program


Wow, what an honor it was to participate in the Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coaching Program January 30-February 3, led by coaches Scott Miller and Paul Walters. The Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coaching Program was a five-day training program designed to help understand talents and utilize them to reach goals, overcome obstacles, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, educate others about how to use their strengths, and teach teams to discover, develop, and utilize unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity.


My Top Five Strengths

  1. Responsibility
  2. Strategic
  3. Woo (Winning Others Over)
  4. Communication
  5. Self-Assurance


All participants learned how to lead strengths based sessions, methods to develop creative icebreakers, team-building activities, and practices to enrich strengths based coaching. By the fourth day the entire cohort had developed a strong trust amongst each other as well as build new relationships. We even started a group Facebook page to stay connected and share success stories.


The entire strengths based coaching program ended with reading a winner’s card to the person we coached all week along with their program certification. This is just the first step to becoming a certified coach. I will be taking my certification exam soon as well as coaching 6 individuals before I can fully complete the program. In the coming months you will hear about this unique program and ways in which MVC will integrate this on our very own campus. Stay tuned!


Additional Resources

To learn more about StrengthsQuest and Gallup Education please visit the following links:



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