Work That Matters: Eric McKinney

The following article showcases a Mountain View College employee, the work they perform, and (more importantly) the meaning behind that work. This series is part of an effort to showcase the many great employees who contribute to teaching and learning efforts at MVC.

Posted on behalf of Eric McKinney, Department Assistant II, Fitness Center.


Working Towards the College Mission and Values

My role as a Fitness Coordinator helps to provide a safe, comfortable and educational environment for students, staff and the community to become healthier benefits our campus tremendously. Free access to a healthier life keeps students minds and bodies better equipped to handle college life.  Provides a needed outlet for staff to begin or end their day. Keeping the community healthy  by providing free gym access, only motivates them to pass the word, which can also help with other community involvement programs.


Work That Matters

As a former athlete, from childhood to college, fitness has and will always be the core of my success. By being able to educate my guests and staff, and see them get excited about a healthier life, is all the motivation I need to be successful.


Measurement of Success

What I would do is come on campus  on my non-working days and I will walk the trails that we have here on campus from the outdoor facilities where it’s open to the public in the community to work out. I will pass out flyers about the fitness center take the initiative engaging with some workouts. Give them an option to come inside of one of our state-of-the-art facilities here on campus. I would reassure the community that  they can get the same type of workout climate-controlled environment safe and still reach there the full potential of their goals.



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