Thank You, Return Week Volunteers

thanks-01There are many reasons to be “MVC Proud.” We serve a diverse community, promote student success and employee achievement, and help transform communities. We are also proud of each and every volunteer who came together to make 2017 Spring Return Week possible.


Over 90 individuals, including faculty, staff, administrators, our very own Leo and Leona, and even Student Ambassadors volunteered to help this event meaningful for all college employees.


Many volunteered to lead workshops, share their knowledge and passion, and provide insight into the meaning behind the work we all do.


A huge thank you goes out to the following departments: administrative suite, facilities, marketing, media services, office of student life, theater, music, dance, welding, IT, Mr. and Ms. MVC, individual presenters, employee and student volunteers, MVC pioneers, Leo and Leona the Lion, and the best Student Ambassadors on earth!


We could not have gotten through Return Week without each of your support. You make us MVC Proud and we are so very lucky to have you as part of the MVC family!



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