MVC Teaching & Learning Center Open House


During 2017 Spring Return Week, the Teaching & Learning Center held an open house session inviting all employees to this newly redesigned space. The space (W162 in front of the library) is now home to both eLearning and Professional Development staff.


By consolidating existing staff into a single location (W162), we can begin to provide the institution with a consistent presence and drop‐in support related to the new scope of services under eLearning and Professional Development. Lack of presence and drop‐in support has been a missing element, as noted by faculty during previous return weeks.


We’ve only just begin to fully operate within our new space and look forward to serving the institution in innovative ways in the future. Currently, the most common use of the space has been by faculty looking to schedule dedicated eCampus support (beyond the introductory sessions offered by the Instructional Support Labs) and employees curious about their Staff Enrichment Reports. We are also collaborating with the 3i Committee (aka the Teaching & Learning Committee) to customize future support models and services within the space. In case you haven’t had a chance to drop by, we highly encourage you to explore this new space!



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