2017 Spring Return Week Photo Gallery


Need proof that MVC had the best Return Week ever? Look no further than our very own photo gallery, which represents just some of what makes MVC a “Best Place to Work” (as recognized by NISOD two years in a row!).


In case you didn’t recognize Leo and Leona, they’re actually played by two of our very own college employees (more details on that in our “Thank You Volunteers” post).


Convocation and the variety of sessions that followed on Thursday weren’t the only ways to be a fully engaged employee. There were also opportunities to pose at our selfie station and participate in social media contests. #MVCReturnWeek


Many thanks go out to our very own MVC Pioneer Faculty who were great sports during the opening acts of Convocation. In case you didn’t know…they’re experts in their subject matters and in comic routines!


The opening acts also served a great way to feature some of our very own students and programs. The music, dance, nursing, and welding were just some of the areas showcased.


For those lucky few who were awarded with MVC Participatory Budgeting Grants, the day held extra meaning. Congratulations to all of our family members who received such grants. We look forward to seeing your great ideas in action!


With the theme of MVC Campus Exploration this Return Week, employees were treated to a variety of sessions focused on getting to know our campus a little better.


Such opportunities included presentations, game-based sessions, campus tours, and much more in over 30 sessions all around campus. Such a great way to explore MVC!


The learning and fun of course wasn’t limited to just workshops. There were plenty of other opportunities to engage around campus. Go Cowboys!

Complete Photo Gallery


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