Work That Matters: Leslie Brinkerhoff

The following article showcases a Mountain View College employee, the work they perform, and (more importantly) the meaning behind that work. This series is part of an effort to showcase the many great employees who contribute to teaching and learning efforts at MVC.

Posted on behalf of Mr. Leslie A. Brinkerhoff, Jr.


Working Towards the College Mission and Values

As the coordinator of a successful ESL program, I take great pleasure in the fact that we are indeed transforming the community by providing vital language skills in the English language for our diverse immigrant population. Many of our students eventually go on to take college level classes and even graduate with degrees from MVC. That is true success!


MVC recently hosted a very successful conference for teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages on Saturday, November 5, 2016. The conference organized by the Board of TexTESOL V offered a great professional development opportunity for over 300 ESL/ESOL professionals – instructors and administrators of programs – in the area.  With over 40 breakout sessions and a phenomenal Keynote speaker: Mr. John Seidlitz, an acclaimed educational consultant, particularly for ESL programs in Texas – this conference was considered one of the best by many who attended. However, the real secret to this success was the wonderful collaboration of many people and departments across our campus, which included Facilities, Graphics, Student Life, MVC Media, MVC Police, MVC Rooms, Workforce and CE, Professional Development, Marketing and Public Relations, and The President’s Office. It was truly an MVC Proud Moment!


Work That Matters

I love supporting our ESL teachers as they provide quality instruction of English Language Learning to our immigrant community. I also enjoy interacting on a daily basis with our students who come from a variety of countries.  Sometimes, I speak to them in Spanish, French, or even a little Vietnamese, which delights them, as a sign of my respect for them. They need to know that they are a vital and welcome part of the wonderfully diverse tapestry of peoples called the United States of America.


Measurement of Success

Karen Garcia was once an ESL student here at MVC. After several years of hard work, she successfully graduated from MVC in 2015.  She recently sent me a special message sharing the good news of her acceptance in dental school, and thanking me for the role I had had in her success.



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