TSI Prep Boot Camps at MVC

Posted on behalf of Farzin Farzad.


What teaching and learning opportunity recently occurred at Mountain View College?

Mountain View College’s TSI-Prep Boot Camp is a program dedicated to assisting current and future college students in learning the material required to fulfill the TSI requirements. The program is offered by our Peer-Tutors and Instructional Specialist in groups and one-on-one setting, in the MVC Instructional Support Labs. The purpose of this program is to provide an intensive review of the basic concepts in reading, writing and mathematics for recent high school graduates and first year college students.


What about this topic are you most excited about?

What excites us most about our program is that we are preparing our students to build on their strength, but at the same time, realize their limitations. Studies have demonstrated that students who enroll in main-stream courses and focus on their strengths, have higher rates of success.

Why is this topic so important to everyone at MVC?

A major obstacle to realizing higher ed. objectives is the fact that many students arrive at community college unprepared to take a standardized test, such as TSI. Consequently, based on their scores students are required to take developmental (remedial) courses — which do not confer credits but for which students must pay tuition. In comparison, studies have shown a significantly larger percent of community college students who do not enroll in any developmental education course complete a degree or certificate in the same time period.


What do participants learn or take away from this experience?

Giving students the resources to succeed in their initial encounter in higher education allows them to see a path to success and focus on their strength and not weaknesses.

What is some of the feedback you received regarding this topic?

What motivates us to continue our efforts in this program has been the constant positive feedback we receive from special need students, school counselors, FTIC students and non-traditional students, who succeed in the TSI and therefore can start the studies related to their careers.

If people would like to learn more about this topic, where would you point them towards?

We have the recoding of Boot-Camps on the MVC website. TSI-Prep Boot-Camps material are also available in the Instructional Support Labs w139. We highly encourage anyone interested in learning more about the program to call 972-860-5613.


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