Save the Date – 2017 Spring Return Week


Save the Date – 2017 Spring Return Week

Are you aware of every single great program we offer, all services that support our students, and every hidden treasure around campus? Didn’t think so. Join us for 2017 Spring Return Week as we focus on “Campus Exploration”, this January 9-13, 2017. Complete details, including session descriptions, contests and prizes, food, registration details, and district events are coming soon.

Look forward to these (and many more!) sessions:

  • Let Me Hear Your Lion’s Roar
  • Making the Magic: One Scene at a Time
  • Marketing the Right Way
  • Official MVC Tour
  • Know What You Owe
  • Mobile Calendar App
  • Behind the Scenes with Facilities
  • Calling All Actors
  • Rise to Your Financial Potential
  • Firing Up Your Fitness
  • And much more…

We look forward to seeing all college employees at this event!

Don’t take our word for it though! Listen to some of our most respected employees who are also just as excited for Return Week!


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