MLA (8th Edition) Coming Our Way!

Posted on behalf of Stephanie Noell.


What teaching and learning opportunity exists or recently occurred at Mountain View College (MVC)?

The Library tries to stay on top of updates to style guides for writing, so in the Fall, we started a new series of workshops on MLA 8th edition. We will be holding an information session during Spring Return Week for faculty and will continue our workshop series for students in the Spring.

What about this topic are you most excited about?

MLA 8 simplifies the citation process by removing or making optional confusing parts like publisher location, access date, and print/web. The students I have instructed seemed relieved by these updates.


Why is this topic so important to everyone at MVC?

Nearly every department of our college has students use MLA Style for writing papers, so it is important for students, staff, and faculty alike to know the changes to MLA implemented this year.

What will/did participants learn or take away from this experience?

Participants will learn about the latest updates to MLA Style.

What is some of the feedback you received regarding this topic?

Most students and faculty are unaware of this update.


If people would like to learn more about this topic, where would you point them towards?

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) has created a page to cover the 8th edition updates:


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