Mentor Facilitator Certification


“We are excited to have you participate as a member of the inaugural Mentor Facilitator Certification Program, scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 18.  This training workshop is designed to award you certification through the Center for Mentoring Excellence.”   


When I received this letter my first thought was, “What is mentoring excellence?” and “How do I ensure that I’m an awesome (future) mentor to others?” Little did I know that the next four days would help answer both of these questions and set me on a professional development journey.


First, what an honor it was to be participate in the DCCCD Mentor Certification Program. We were coached by Lois Zachary and Lory Fischler, who co-wrote the book “Starting Strong”, as well as their colleague Lisa Fain. Mentor Facilitator Certification was an intense four-day training program designed to coach mentors in a wide variety of topics.


All participants learned how to lead a localized version of the mentor training program, methods to develop creative icebreakers and team-building activities, and practices to enrich mentor and mentee training scenarios. By the fourth day the entire cohort had developed a strong trust amongst each other and established strong relationships across the district. By the fourth day we were also mentally exhausted as well.


The entire mentor training program ended with a graduation ceremony, led by the President of El Centro, Dr. Jose Adames. With our newly printed certificates, we all felt confident as a team and empowered to lead mentor programs across the DCCCD. In the coming months you will hear about this unique program and ways in which MVC will participate with other colleges in the district. Stay tuned!



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