Halloween Employee Contest Winners


Thank You MVC Family!

A huge thanks goes out to all employees who helped make Halloween a memorable event for over 350 children from Bethune Elementary. It is truly a beautiful thing to see employees so actively engaged in empowering people and transforming communities. This entire event would not have been possible without the Student Government Association, Kevin Williams Writing Lounge, and Brother to Brother.


Halloween Employee Contest Winners

Our panel of expert kindergartners (with help from Professional Development staff) determined our contest winners across campus. This of course had nothing to do with the candy (aka bribes) that was passed out at each department. Without any further wait, we are pleased to announce the following Halloween winners! Winner can pick up their prizes (100 Grand candy bars) in W162.



  • Best Costume as a Group – Business Office
  • Best Department Theme – Academic Advising
  • Best Decorated Door – Recruitment Services
  • Best Haunted House – Office of Student Life (Kevin Williams Writing Lounge)
  • Scariest Headless Character – Criminal Justice
  • Loudest Hallway Group – President’s Office
  • Best Hidden Treasure – Chemistry


Photo Gallery Now Live!

Be sure to view the entire photo gallery by clicking on the link below.



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