DCCCD New Employee Orientation


A Part of the DCCCD Family

What does it mean to me to be part of the DCCCD family? It means everything, of course! The District New Employee Orientation is an opportunity for new or recently hired employees to gain understanding of the District’s view of our educational presence, community value, and commitments to students, the community, and its employees.

It was my pleasure to attend the District New Employee Orientation just recently. It was an exciting opportunity to leave MVC for the day (and that pile of work on my desk), network with new employees across DCCCD, connect with faculty, staff, and administrators and “let my hair down” for the day (dressing casually was a requirement in fact).


A Full Schedule

George Marquez and staff members had an exciting day planned for us. It started with an introduction from Chancellor Joe May. Throughout the day we participated in group team building projects, watched videos about DCCCD, learned the history of each college, received a word from the “great” Susan Hall, became informed about compression planning, and even participated in fun interactive games.


DCCCD Strategic Priorities

Most importantly we learned about the four DCCCD Strategic Priorities (they drilled us a few times just to make sure we learned it by heart):

  1. Employee Success
  2. Student Success
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Institutional Effectiveness


Just the Beginning

This is just the beginning of my journey as a Director of Professional Development. As I continue to learn more across the district and participate in similar events, it will be my pleasure to bring new and exciting practices to our campus, while being respectful of the unique elements that make up MVC.


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