Customer Service Training

What is customer service and how do we embody it in the work we all do? Why is that so important across the DCCCD? Our mission statement, a promise to those around us and the community at large, is to “empower people and transform communities.” How does providing excellent customer service help support that mission?


We do not actually promote taking selfies while driving…

Participating in Blazer Service Training

To answer these (and many more questions) Steve and I set out to participate in “Blazer Service” training at North Lake College. This required training is provided to all new employees and sets out to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. North Lake College prides itself in providing great service (aka “Blazer Service”) through quality and productive interactions within their college and the larger community.


Arturo from North Lake College’s Wildfire Institute.

The Magic of Disney

North Lake College’s unique spin on customer service training including clearly defined learning outcomes and objectives, elements of speaking the language (a Disney Experience reference), the importance of excellent service, recognized standards, the “magic” of service both on and off stage, providing “magical moments”, and the LEARN (Listen, Empathize, Acknowledge, Respond, and Notify) process. Oh…and they also provided coffee, snacks, and fruit to keep us focused on the task at hand.

Blazer Service Objectives

  1. Identify Blazer “Customers”
  2. Define Excellent Service
  3. Conduct Effective Interactions with “Customers”
  4. Successfully and Confidently Handle Difficult Situations

Throughout the day we collaboratively helped to identify elements of service, define who our customers really are (yes, our students are considered customers), discuss important contact points, and demonstrate how to handle difficult situations.


Just part of the customer service process behind the scenes.

Everyone Is a Secret Shopper

In the past, companies have utilized “secret shoppers” to conduct evaluations and walk through predefined customer service scenarios. Results from those evaluations are usually provided to very specific people and may or may not be communicated to everyone across an organization.

Nowadays however, everyone is a secret shopper. All of our customers carry devices in their pockets that effortlessly allow them to review, rate, and even share images and videos of their experience. In some cases they share how they are unexpectedly surprised by the service received and in other cases they vent about a horrible experience or a very specific person they interacted with. All of that sharing of course now occurs publicly via social media sites and services. This means that everything we do and everyone we interact with may (or will) end up as part of a public review. That is both an opportunity to improve our services and a reality we now live in.

Opportunities of Customer Service

  1. Exceed the expectations of those we serve
  2. Listen and learn from those we serve
  3. Accept responsibility for every question or concern we receive
  4. Continuously evaluate and improve
  5. Treat each other with respect

Getting to have lunch with the Wildfire Institute crew was worth it! LA Burger is delish!

Thank You Blazer Service Training

In the end, this day turned out to be an exciting training opportunity for all new employees. We are lucky to have witnessed so much dedication and passion coming from the North Lake professional development team. We can’t wait to share some of these “magical” moments through our own MVC training. Stay tuned!


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