eLearning Quality Scorecard Initiative


Introduction to the Quality Scorecard

As the Dean of eLearning, Instructional Support, and Professional Development at Mountain View College I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a year long district-wide initiative in support of the Quality Scorecard. The scorecard is an easy-to-use process for measuring elements of quality within online learning programs in higher education. The results of this process ultimately help support eLearning program improvement at our own campus, as well as across the entire district.

Elements of the Quality Scorecard

In total there are nine categories to the Quality Scorecard. Each category contains roughly seven to eight indicators that are assigned a Deficient, Developing, Accomplished, or Exemplary status. We are being asked to self-evaluate and score each indicator. It is a chance to voice our opinions, make recommendations to the district, and ultimately drive meaningful change at MVC related to eLearning.

Progress To-Date

To date, through participation of the Distance Learning Committee, MVC, along with all colleges of the DCCCD, has completed the following categories:

  1. Technology Support
  2. Instructional Support
  3. Student Support
  4. Faculty Support

We now move forward with the fifth category, Course Development and Instructional Design. As this category is evaluated, scored, and feedback consolidated, we’ll provide a summary back to the district and meet for a full day of review. This process will be repeated for the remainder of the initiative (a year long process) and end with specific recommendations for the district as a whole.

Stay tuned for more updates, shared recommendations, and project status.

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