Campus Project: Classroom Renovations

We’d like to take the time to learn more about departments, campus initiatives, and why projects such as these matter to the Mountain View College family. Please take a moment to learn about more them, in their own words.


Can you tell us a little bit about what is happening in your area?

Media Services is doing a massive renovation of classroom equipment in rooms W60, W67, W122, W165, W167 and the large group instruction rooms W168 and W171.

What can Mountain View College (MVC) expect regarding this project?

We are very excited about the renovations because MVC can expect a better equipment experience for classroom instruction and meetings, depending on the individual room’s needs, we have installed new overhead projectors, instructor stations, screens, document cameras and fire-resistant wiring. Most importantly, W168 and W171 will have new microphones in each room.


What is the planned timeline for this project?

We started this project in June of this year and anticipate that our vendors will finish by October 1, 2016.

What is a secret tip to keeping calm during such a process?

The absolute essential component of staying calm in a massive project like this is COMMUNICATION: communication with administration, faculty, MVC business offices, district business offices and the vendors contracted to do the installations.


What does finishing this project mean to the MVC?

We are very proud that Mountain View College will enjoy current state-of-the art instructional technology across campus. When Dr. Valencia started working with Media Services, there were only three smart classrooms on MVC campus. Now, with the dedication and hard work of Nathan Albers, Jason Jordan, Ella Barton, Julie Chin and Randy Clower, and with funding assistance from MVC and the STEM grant, almost every classroom, with the exception of those with original construction issues, has smart technology.


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