Return Week Photo Gallery


Need proof that MVC had the best Return Week ever! Look no further then our very own photo gallery, which represents the very best of what makes MVC proud!


In total, MVC held twenty-eight sessions throughout the week. When you see a presenter in the hallway, make sure to give them a high-five!


We also welcomed our new Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Lori Doddy, while thanking our former VPI, Dr. Ken Alfers.


In case you didn’t know it, Deans can dance. Our very own Sandy Wyche, with more than a little help from Gilda Nunez led a workshop on “Cumbia & Other Dancing from SouthTexas.”


Convocation itself got off to a great start as everyone in the audience was encouraged (nope…that’s not a typo) to utilize their cell phones while taking an live quiz. This was a great utilization of instructional technology!


Right after Convocation everyone was invited to lunch and a strategic planning workshop that helped begin this collaborative process at MVC. Stay tuned for even more strategic planning opportunities in the months to follow.


Return Week Photo Gallery



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