Return Week: Presentations Shared


Return Week was filled with a variety of great presentations. Those sessions were delivered by some of our very own faculty and staff, as well as external consultants and higher education advocates. In total there were  28 sessions covered during the week.

Below are just a few of the presentations shared. In case you haven’t already, be sure to give these folks a high-five the next time you see them in the hallway. If you a led a great session and would like to share your file, we’ll gladly add it to the list below (it’s never too late to share).

Core Assessment Kickoff Meeting

By Debbie Nichols

Handout – Creating Assessment Assignments (PDF)

PDF Forms to the Rescue

By Jennifer McGuire and Jeanna Roseberry

Handout – Example Form (PDF)

Transitioning from Traditional Textbooks to Free (Open Educational Resources)

By Denise Shipley

Check. Change. Control. MVC’s New Blood Pressure Program

By Stephanie Noell

Title IX Yearly Mandatory Training

By Regina Garner

Re-imagining TEDx in the Community College

By Deandria Reed‐Shaw, Patricia Lyons, Jessica Waldrop

QEP Family Involvement Model

By Dr. Geoff Grimes, Heather Marsh, Luke Story

Handout – QEP Family Involvement Model (PDF)

Japan 101: Creating Origami Leo the Lions

By Yoriko Sosa-Nakata


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