Hello MVC! Hello World!


The Office of eLearning and Professional Development at Mountain View College…aka, “The Best College on Earth…” is proud to present our very first blog post! This space will be utilized in the future to collect, share, and showcase the very best of what we do.

The reality of course, is that the best of what we do is not a service we provide or a process we complete. It is the people we are surrounded by, those we share this experience with, and those who have paved the way before us. Our employees, their combined expertise and passion, and ultimately the students we support are all reasons to be proud to call MVC family.


The Office of eLearning and Professional Development simply hopes to use this space to:

  • Build connections across the institution
  • Share knowledge in our respective areas of expertise
  • Celebrate our people
  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Showcase support services
  • Support teaching and learning efforts
  • Showcase tools and technologies readily available
  • Empower people and transform communities!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. We’re just getting started.




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